Train your Auditory Intelligence




We open the world of speech to people with hearing loss who benefit from focused listening practice. Our products provide inexpensive, convenient ways to access auditory training and hear more clearly.

Auditory IQ, LLC is a speech and hearing technology company that develops solutions for all types and degrees of deafness. Combining state-of-the-art machine learning with best practices in auditory-verbal therapy, we are redefining aural rehabilitation. Our goal is to help people with hearing loss decode the world of speech. We create accessible, low-cost, adaptive systems for both self-habilitation and as supplements to other auditory therapies.

Auditory Practice 

Whenever you want.  Wherever you want.   

The Speech ID App

Improve your hearing using a mobile app


Founded in best clinical practices

The lessons and content in Speech ID were designed by renown auditory-verbal therapists, teachers of the deaf and clinicians.  It is a pocket rehab specialist.


More practice - acclimate faster to new sounds

Get the most out of your hearing device and adapt to new hearing quickly.  With regular practice, you can hear clearly faster.


Convenient, personalized and dynamic

Speech ID tracks how you are doing and knows when to help or move you to more challenging tasks. Every quarter, new lessons are added.

Stay In Touch

Learn when new lessons are available or share the app with others 


Loved Ones with Hearing Loss

The people you love may be missing out on things they enjoy because of hearing loss. Help them better understand their hearing loss.


Hearing Loss Professionals

Busy audiologists, speech pathologists and auditory-verbal therapists need tools to help patients.


Individuals with Hearing Devices

Adjusting to new hearing is challenging and practice with a professional is expensive. Speech ID allows people to work on their own.

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